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Visa Woes

Saturday, June 30th, 2007

We continue to have delays and obstacles getting permanent work visas. We feel like Paul right now when he was detained in some countries and not allowed into others. We are doing our part and jumping through all the hoops, and then we wait on God in His greater wisdom to direct our path. Pray for His will to be done in the situation.

Our daddy fish was so distraught to hear about our visa problems that he jumped right out of the bowl (which was prophesied by Carolyn). Fortunately, I was walking by when it happened so I engaged my emergency skills and got a napkin (couldn’t fathom actually touching it) and scooped him back into the bowl. So far, he is doing fine. We did lose a baby though, so we are down to six. I can’t tell if they are eating the food or if they are getting enough of anything because they are so tiny, you can’t really see them well. Sarah said that the fish jumped out because he just wanted to come out and play.

The rain continues here daily. But I hear that y’all can identify in Texas with all the rain there, too. Without a car, we are confined to the 1000 sq. ft. grounds most of the time which makes for many interesting family dynamics. The girls (and us) are still processing a lot of emotions of living in a foreign Asian culture. Pray for all of us to have hearts full of God’s love for the people here.

We’re in!

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

Sarah Grace had her interview today for the British School here, and she was accepted! First, I can’t believe there is an interview for kindergarten, and second, I have not had time to prepare to let Sarah go off to school. In the states, we would have had one more year. But here, anyone born in 2002 starts school in August. I feel like I need to pour into her everything I can think of this summer – and time is running out! They don’t call it kindergarten but Primary 1, and this school goes all the way up to 6th grade. It is near our house and actually is at the top of the mountain that we live on in a cul de sac surrounded by mountainous wilderness. None of these things help to decrease my worry except for the fact that it is near to our house. I know many of you are thinking how lovely it would be to walk her to school everyday. It is straight up a mountain for over a mile in total humidity and high heat – I’m going to have to sleep on this one. You can’t drive there due to the high traffic (and not many have cars) so most take the school bus(large charter buses). We’ll see. The curriculum is British, so Sarah will end up with a British accent, call a flashlight a torch and the trash can a rubbish bin, and know nothing about Sam Houston or Abraham Lincoln. Looks like there might be a tiny bit of homeschool supplementation in my future. click here to see more pictures.

We are having some good opportunities to get to know our neighbors. With over 14 public holidays a year here where people are off work and business halts, there seems to always be a chance to celebrate. We recently went out with two neighbor families for the Tuen Ng (Dragon Boat Fesitival) Holiday. We went to a Southeast Asian Restuarant. The kids had a fun time being together. I just tried to stay away from eating anything that was either looking back at me or that was floating in unknown murky water. We all had a really good time.


Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Ms. Gail Maidment, a beautiful, confident woman with an evangelical heart for God, left Australia 20 years ago with YWAM (Youth with a Mission) and came to Hong Kong. As she ministered here, she felt God calling her to start a Christian preschool, a rarity in this part of the world. Today, Ms. Gail is the principal of Small World Christian School. She has never married and has poured her life out as an offering for the Lord, and the lives of many children and parents have been blessed because if it. We found this school through some fellow Christians when we arrived, and Sarah Grace would say it has been one of the best parts of her time here so far. (Mommy would say it has been a godsend, as well!) And this week, she had her preschool graduation. She will be going to primary school next year (if all goes well with the interview on Tuesday). It was fun to see her so excited with all of her friends. She has been expressing some culture shock in her own way lately. She told me that she doesn’t like it when people speak Chinese words over and over but that she wants to go to Texas where they speak normal words. My Chinese neighbor told me that when Sarah was over there playing and the mom asked if she wanted something to eat, Sarah said, “Yes, but no Chinese food.” Most of the kids speak some English though, and she really likes to play with the new friends that she has made. We are all adjusting and trying to be sensitive to each other’s struggles.(Click Here to view pictures)

Hannah and I are sick right now and taking antibiotics. Taking her to the doctor was an experience – I called the office and the lady said, “No more appointments today and no one in office afternoon.” With Hannah’s fever and white spots on her throat, I thought I should try hard to get in, so I asked, ” When can I come?” The lady said that walking in is fine, but there are just no more appointments, and they close at 12:45pm. Wow!, I asked our neighbor to take Sarah to the bus and rushed Hannah to the doctor. When we walked in, we were put right into the line-up. It was great!(who needs appointments!) As we sat in the waiting room, I had to keep an eye on Hannah because apparently the doctor’s office is also the pharmacy and the receptionist is also the pharmacists. There were medicines everywhere – on the floor, under the table, beside the chairs, on open shelves. And they were in large quantities. Of course, the office was as big as a normal-sized bathroom. But it was very convenient to see the doctor, get a diagnosis and get the medicine (mixed by the receptionist) all in the same place and within 30 minutes.

Fish update:Our fish are still thriving, and all 7 babies are growing by the day.

Thanks to all who have sent care packages. We check the mail a lot in hopes of fun things from America – you know, like tortillas! And if anyone can figure out a way to send real chedder cheese, let me know.

Ballet and Fish

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

This week we have two new activities – ballet and fish watching. Both girls took a free trial ballet class at a local studio near us. Even with the differences in language and culture, they had a great time! We are thinking about making ballet our summer activity. (Click here to view pictures)

The fish were a party favor from the birthday party of one of the children we know from church. It was a beach party, so the fish fit the theme. A flower vase is the only thing we have that is glass, so we put them in there and got some food at the market. We started with three, but Sally didn’t make it through the week. We were sure the other two wouldn’t make it since we have no special tank, water, or even the correct food (we accidentally got the food for those huge pond gold fish). Not only have they survived, but apparently we have a male and a female because they have had babies! We got home from ballet, and Sarah asked what little pieces had fallen in the fish vase. I looked and saw that they were live babies! So, after reading on the internet and separating the babies from the parents, we are now breeding tropical fish. Nothing like adding a little pet anxiety to our lives.

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Our Mailing Address

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

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