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To the Museum

Monday, October 12th, 2009

hsmuseum-022.jpghsmuseum-018.jpghsmuseum-017.jpghsmuseum-003.jpghsmuseum-001.jpgThe homeschool group here took a field trip to the Hong Kong Heritage Museum. We took the bus (the most direct form of transportation here) from our little community to the museum’s street. This particular museum is located a lot closer to the border of Mainland China than our house, and I started getting nervous when the flashing sign on the bus that tells what stop we are at starting only flashing in Chinese. After a few stops with unknown names, I started panicking thinking we were about to get up to the border with no passport or visa or enough money to get home! So I grabbed our bags and the girls, and we ran down the stairs of the double decker bus so I could ask the driver. Of course, it is frowned upon to cross the sacred ‘yellow line’ near the driver’s seat, but I was desperate. I keep on hurling questions at the bus driver until I got a response. As you might guess, he just pointed to the flashing sign above his head with the stop information flashing in Chinese! But just then, I saw the water canal that looked familiar (since we had been to this museum last year) and realized that the museum must be coming up! Whew! Another crisis averted.

We found our way there, met up with lots of friends and had a wonderful day! Here is a link to more pictures

National Day

Monday, October 12th, 2009

national-day-023.jpgnational-day-021.jpgnational-day-019.jpgnational-day-017.jpgnational-day-011.jpgOct. 1st was National Day here in Hong Kong. This is a holiday that commemorates when China became the communistic People’s Republic of China. Most people are off work on this day and so we took the opportunity to have a holiday as well. We went to the lake and had a little picnic. It was a great day! Nobody fell in, and we even ran into some friends out there!

Bitter Taste of Apple Sauce!

Monday, October 12th, 2009